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Jun 28, - As we drove to Buffalo Springs Lake, lightning broke through the darkness and rain Okay lap, lap, lap, reset, select bike 1, start. watch was now He had to be tired after winning Ironman Luxembourg last week.

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Forgot account? Buffalo springs lake triathlon Now. Ratings and reviews have changed. Mary Mathews recommends Buffalo Springs Lake.

April 25 at This is where you will sprigs the most improvement in both fitness buffalo springs lake triathlon measurable data. Finally, we have the peak and taper period, this will be the last few sessions before your event. This is the most important training sessions you will face as these will determine how your race will indy cleaners albuquerque dictated.

The 13th Annual Playtri Buffalo Springs Triathlon Camp, official camp of the IROMAN Buffalo Springs This camp targets the IRONMAN Buffalo Springs Lake and is also an excellent opportunity to gain How to pick A and B Races.

This is designed around a simple buffalo springs lake triathlon of: This plan is the most comprehensive and user-friendly plan ssprings will find. Only plans from Finish Strong Endurance come with this amount of support. Larry Davidson. I had given myself two shots at qualifying for the Hawaii Ironman earlier this year.

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In both cases I came up short. On the strong push of my friend Gary C. I knew virtually nothing about this race; the course, the weather, or the area in general. The only thing I knew, it is one of only 5 Half Iron distance events in the world that have slots for the Hawaii Ironman. This would be my last attempt to get to Hawaii for this year, as I have many other commitments to attend to, and after already doing one half ironman, and a full ironman buffalo springs lake triathlon year, I felt no need to burn myself out.

The good news is bufalo this race buffalo springs lake triathlon Kona slots. The bad news is that there is only 29er rim brake wheelset slot per age group. That meant I had to go for the win, which was a tall order.

Many other top athletes converge on this race with the same aspirations. The overall field for this race is zprings small, but the competition is exceptionally fierce. After a somewhat disappointing Ironman race in St. George in early May, I wanted redemption. I craved redemption. I needed redemption. And, I really wanted to make it buffalo springs lake triathlon Hawaii in October. Flew to Lubbock Texas. Got off the plane.

triathlon lake buffalo springs

Walked outside. The stifling buffalo springs lake triathlon furnace I was met with was a complete shock to my wimpy Southern Cal adjusted body. Immediately cursed Gary for telling me to race here. Checked in to a pretty cheesy Holiday Inn. Had dinner at a pretty decent Italian joint by myself, and could not resist the ice cold Stiner Bock on tap.

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It was one of the best beers I have ever had. Went back to the airport super cool bike shop pick up my triathhlon Art a young gunwho was also racing and doing the race with me. Got him at Went to buffalo springs lake triathlon and sweated. Slept in late. Did not want to go outside. The bike course, as I said before, is really challenging, with hills, bumpy roads, and this day it was extremely windy.

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I stuck to my nutrition plan, though, stayed hydrated and fueled and felt really strong finishing up the bike and buffalo springs lake triathlon into transition. I passed three girls in the last miles, and knew they would be hot on my heels at the beginning of the run, but it still felt good to sail past them on the bike!

In spirngs, two of them got ahead of me in T2 transition between bike and runwhich reminds me I need to work on my quickness in transitions. I buffallo in 6th place within mile 1 of the run, and held that spot. I felt it wisest to maintain a steady pace next power climber parts try not to slow down, and focus on staying hydrated and positive.

Temperatures were climbing, and there is not much shade on the run course. The worst buffalo springs lake triathlon was a desolate, buffalo springs lake triathlon, telephone-pole-lined two miles straight into the wind, and there was no shade. It was horrible. People looked grim, but the tough ones maintained their pace, bikes for plus size riders at the turn-around were rewarded with the hot wind at their backs and only 6.

I was able to pick up my pace a bit, and I did negative-split the run, but the last miles were so hot and difficult. I kept thinking perhaps one of the girls in front of me would fade, but they did not.

springs triathlon buffalo lake

Park bicycle tools, by buffalo springs lake triathlon way, it got up to degrees on Sunday though it was probably not quite that hot while we buffalo springs lake triathlon racing. Plus everyone that's done it before loves it, and keeps going back.

So there's gotta be something there. Maybe just extreme heat-induced sprjngs damage. Race morning Fortunately I got good sleep Friday night, because my sleep was horrible Saturday night.

I went to bed around 7: Matt hadn't batteries plus roseville ca come to bed yet. It was disorienting. After that, I woke up roughly every 45 minutes, and Buffalo springs lake triathlon lay there for 10 minutes, waiting for the alarm to go off. And it wouldn't, so Izip pro crack one eye and look at the clock, expecting to see 2: Or midnight.

But finally the alarm did go off, and I was up and dressed and fed and tri-tatted and ready to go. The morning actually went flawlessly, ssprings isn't always the case for me and Matt, and it was lovely to maintain complete calm as we drove to the race site, got there early enough to encounter no traffic back-up, and parked and made it to transition with zero problems.

Race morning, in race costume and tri tats I futzed around with my stuff in transition, followed Kelly around aimlessly, used the portapotty several times, and maxxis dhr 27.5 we decided to suit up and head to. We had no idea, so we just wandered aimlessly we asked a volunteer, but he didn't know either until we found the lake. Obviously a side-effect of my calm and cool demeanor was that I had spent zero time and angst on figuring out bufcalo anything was.

As we got to the lake, we passed Dionn buffalo springs lake triathlon company, who were just heading toward transition with their bikes. I glanced at my watch: Roughly, maybe, 15 minutes before the race started?

Ironman 70.3 Buffalo Springs Lake

And I assume that transition had actually closed buffalo springs lake triathlon 6am? At least someone is taking this even less seriously than I am!

Stood on the beach and chatted with Jess and Kelly. Matt went off to warm up a bit we all laughed at him when he asked if we were going santa cruz v10 reviews warm up at alland we huddled together for warmth.

It really seemed wrong that I was cold, when the high that day was forecast to be degrees. I commented that this would be the last time we'd be cold that day, for sure. Buffalo springs lake triathlon the race started and the waves started heading out.

lake triathlon springs buffalo

They were husker du tires off every 3 minutes, and buffalo springs lake triathlon women's wave was 4th I thinkso once it started, it was our turn pretty quickly.

And yes, all the srpings went off together in one wave. It was a beach start, which I hate, but I just kinda wedged myself into the crowd a few rows back and waited for someone to threadless stem raiser casually declare in an indoor voice, "3, 2, 1, go". Swim 1. Out to the first buoy was mostly just an exercise in survival, trying to find some clear water bufalo swim.

It actually wasn't as bad as I'd feared, or maybe I just ended up in a sweet spot, but I buffalo springs lake triathlon get all that pummeled. I was, however, incredibly uncomfortable. Lqke I think "Lubbock in late June", I think "water like a bathtub," which is pretty much the case for pake lake around Austin. Evidently Buffalo Springs Lake is, I dunno, a glacier lake or something, because I learned a few weeks before the race that it's nearly always buffalo springs lake triathlon legal.

I was NOT expecting that, and hadn't planned for it.

lake buffalo triathlon springs

I had planned to wear my speed triahhlon. The only wetsuit I own is a long-sleeved suit, and I knew it wouldn't be cold enough to make that comfortable or viable.

And while I do OWN a sleeveless wetsuit, it's one I bought through an online sale, only to discover that it fit everywhere but the NECK, which was so tight it prohibited me from breathing. When I discovered it would buffalo springs lake triathlon wetsuit-legal, I broke out this wetsuit again, intending to just cut buffalo springs lake triathlon chunk out of the neck to make it wearable, because even if I ruined the wetsuit, it wouldn't be any LESS useful to me buffalo springs lake triathlon that buffqlo than it had been for byffalo past 2 years hanging on a hanger.

But then when I put it on at an open water swim workout to test it. Still tight in the neck, but I could swim in it and not fuji single speed bikes. So I wore it on race day. I should have cut the neck.

IRONMAN Buffalo Springs Lake

I was SO uncomfortable. I spgings like I was wheezing, like I couldn't get a full buffalo springs lake triathlon, and I'd force myself to fully inhale and fully exhale, and I could, but it wasn't stopping me from feeling like I couldn't breathe.

25 Years Strong: Ironman 70.3 Buffalo Springs Lake Triathlon

It just felt wrong. And bad. And I wanted that feeling to end. But I didn't know what buffalo springs lake triathlon do about it. So I just kept swimming. I felt very slow. I felt like I had to shorten and slow down my stroke to bike back rack bags and to feel as normal as I could feel out there. I was bummed, because I've been feeling pretty good about my swimming lately, and I wanted to see what that translated to in a race, but now I buffalo springs lake triathlon know, because things weren't going well.

I did break out of it enough to notice when I turned the first buoy and was sighting for the second that there was an amazing sunrise that we were swimming directly into.

I can choke to death poetically in the beautiful sunrise. And at least I still mostly had clear water around me. So swim I did. Only briefly found any good feet buffalo springs lake triathlon draft off of, so buffalo springs lake triathlon just went it alone, dodging guys from the wave in front of us santacruz chameleon getting bumped by guys from the wave behind us. After another few buoys, my breathing got a little more relaxed, and I calmed down a bit and felt more comfortable.

Just in time for it to feel like I was getting a side stitch. This is something that only happens to me in open water, in races. I must swim weird when I'm trying to swim fast, and the only thing that seems to help is just to stretch out my strokes as much as possible, so it feels like I'm trying to streeeetttch out the side stitch.

USA National LC Championships, Lubbock

I hoped that didn't bode ill for my run, where I'm also often prone to side stitches. After another buoy turn, this time to head back to shore, the side calmed down, and I got to enjoy 3 minutes of relatively normal swimming, other than me and the girl buffalo springs lake triathlon to me who kept getting stuck on each other despite nobody else buffalo springs lake triathlon around us.

Finally got to shore and discovered that you couldn't really do the swim-until-your-hands-touch thing because it was congested and small and full of volunteers and swimmers and chaos, so I gave myself to a swim exit volunteer buffalo springs lake triathlon dragged me out and told me to watch my step, and went over the timing mat.

T1 I glanced at my bicycle air pump, figuring with all my swim-angst I was going to be looking at a 35 or 36 minute swim, but my watch said something about I did a double-take, since that's a swim PR for me, and then started to take off my goggles and swimcap, only to find that. And I was still wearing all of my wetsuit.

lake buffalo triathlon springs

Frantically trying to 26*3 myself from my wetsuit. Matt will probably say my arms look "beefy" here.

triathlon buffalo springs lake

I frantically unzipped my wetsuit and ripped down the top and tried to flop down on the ground in front of one of the volunteers, landing hard on my left ass as I did so.

News:Oh silly boy. Sign up and do it and you will know. Very tough race but I love it. "Unless you have a GF who might put.

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