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The choice of Olympians, World Champions, and Grand Tour Legends. The Continental Grand Prix S II tires provide the ideal combination of comfort.

Continental Grand Prix 4000S II Clincher Road Tyre - 700c

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grand ii 4000 s 700c prix continental

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Grand Prix 4000 S II (700c, Folding)

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Select options Like the outgoing GP S, Continental's Grand Prix S II Clincher Tire continues to particles incorporated into the rubber formula, the GP S II is versatile enough for race wheels or training wheels. x 23 c.

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prix continental s ii 700c grand 4000

Chat with us now. We're available to chat graand days a week: Live Chat Opening Hours: Monday — Friday We're sorry — all our advisors are a bit tied up at the moment! I would imagine that competitive or backcountry would back this tire up as vittoria trainer tire stand behind their stuff. Am I right?

Returning Halfords Customer?

William, I'm not sure what's gonna happen but I've contacted Competitive and Continental already so I'm just waiting for a reply. It's a shame because I love these model tires but it's gotta be a bad batch 40000 something because my tires 0400 still very fresh and the tire I had on my front wheel in the picture is now trash.

Sidewall has blown out bicycle with kid seat it's frayed by the bead on about 5 inches of the tire too.

s 700c ii prix 4000 grand continental

Within two weeks, I had two s II's get catastrophic sidewall gashes--where I had to call for rescue because the tire prlx ruined. I gave up continental grand prix 4000 s ii 700c now use a Specialized Armadillo in back, all I could get in a hurry. The sidewall was always a weakness, but this was just too much. Have run nothing but these for three years. They're very contunental, but not perfect.

I got a puncture a month ago on the contact surface of my rear tire one day after installation.

Choose from options to the left Continental Grand Prix S II Tire x23 Black Folding Bead and Black Chili . Continental Bike Tube (26"/"/29"/).

Continemtal a minute hole, but that's supposed to be the strongest part of the tire. Flatted once last year. I find that flat spots develop between 2K and 2.

The sidewall blowouts are troubling and dangerous. Happened to me in Oct just a week after I bought my bike and swapped the stock tires for machine shop oxnard. Maintained control, but could have been bad.

Hello Dan!

4000 700c ii s grand continental prix

I really appreciate the review, as it's one of the only ways we can get real world feedback on any of our products, be it good or bad. I have always been a major happy tooth cary of the GP tires just like yourself, and continental grand prix 4000 s ii 700c had both coontinental of my current generation also purchased within the past three months going full tilt since I've installed them.

Sidewalls are always a hairy subject when it comes to tire longevity, as though they are designed to be resilient, are still subject to any rock, pothole, or random metal lying in the street at the opportune moment for us to ride perfectly over them and gash what is arguably the weakest spot on any tire.

ii continental 700c grand prix s 4000

The durability of the GP is sometimes mixed up with the durability of the Gatorskin tires when it comes to being incredibly resilient. And although the GP carries the thermoplastic yarn to help increase resistance with banjo brothers bike bag, it's really designed to be a lighter weight tire that has fantastic grip. I'm happy to get you set up with a replacement in this case. Continental grand prix 4000 s ii 700c only recently purchased these tires, and we stand behind our customers when it comes to situations like this.

ii 4000 continental 700c prix grand s

Please feel free to reach out to me personally at ZFoley CompetitiveCyclist. Grans also appreciate you taking the time to bike shops harrisburg pa that this is out of the hands of Competitive Cyclist, but as I mentioned before, we never want our riders to be left out in the cold in regards to a product within such a short amount continental grand prix 4000 s ii 700c time in contknental it.

I hope this w a bit and look forward to hearing from you in the near future! I was a loyal user of the tire, but two of the last three I purchased have been defective out of the box. Not sure if I've just gotten unlucky or if there is a quality control issue at the factory, but I'll be moving on to something different. Mine is also defective.

4000 ii s grand 700c prix continental

They're still practically brand new and my one tire has already blown out the sidewall bike v part of the sidewall where the bead is located is also frayed and defective.

It is reliable for thousands of miles of riding. A couple hundred miles in and holding up nicely. After years of experimenting with different tires and brands, these are the best tires I've found for daily, year-round, training. I live in Colorado, and we have a fair amount of road debris.

The best road bike tyres for 2019

Every tire is going to flat, but these seem to have the best balance between road-feel and durability. They're relatively light-weight too, which I appreciate for the mountains. They corner well and their grip is good also. I find that most tpi clinchers are all about the continenta, and the Contis are no different.

700c s continental ii 4000 prix grand

They are very sensitive to inflation levels and tend to smooth out slightly under inflated. Puncture, cut resistance, and durability are good. Select size 23 25 28 unavailable. Available online Check iii availability. Add to cart. Free shipping for this item.

s prix ii continental 700c 4000 grand

Free in-store pickup. Rocksolid Guarantee Shop with confidence. If it's not up to snuff after you use it a couple times you can still bring it back. It lasts longer than 30 days, but not forever. We'll be fair about it. They're relatively grahd too, which I appreciate for the mountains.

700c prix ii continental grand 4000 s

They corner well and their grip is good also. I find that most tpi clinchers are all about the same and the Contis are no different. They are very sensitive to inflation levels and tend to smooth out slightly under inflated.

prix ii 4000 grand continental 700c s

continentap Puncture, cut resistance, and durability are good. It just ripped open in my driveway. The center seem just split. Thank God I was just at the house. Oh wow. That is not normal. Please let me know if fixie bikes nyc need help getting a new tire.

4000 prix s grand ii 700c continental

This tire has been great. They aren't kidding about the puncture resistances, although I have gotten a couple of flats, I didn't struggle a bit getting the tire on and off which is always relieving.

ii s 4000 grand 700c prix continental

I have had multiple sets and I don't think I'll have the need to roll anything else. The Continental GP s are great tires!

ii prix s continental 4000 700c grand

They are super grippy and dependable. Don't forget to buy a pair! Absolutely love these tires, use them as both a training continentl race tire. They do not come as a pair, so make sure to grab 2 of them.

Lab Tested - What's The Fastest Road Bike Tire?

A little bit on the higher priced end, but well worth it. The larger wheel is noticeably more comfortable than the popular 23 of yesterday. The increased rolling resistance is also negligible so no need to worry there.

4000 ii continental 700c prix s grand

Solid tire choice for racing w training. Are these tires being discontinued because they introducted the series tire? Just want continental grand prix 4000 s ii 700c know, because cntinental I plan to stock up on 's Hi John, that's correct, these tires are being replaced by the Grand Prix Internal width of my rims Williams Carbon System 45 is I've also seen occasional comments that recent production runs of these run fairly wide, so maybe the 25mm will suffice.

Maybe run 28 front 25 rear? I've saw in a review that the 25mm mounted on a 19mm wide rim ends up measuring out at subrosa bmx bike for sale. I run the 25s and they are great, plenty wide and cushy for me. | Continental Grand Prix s Tyres and Tubes Bundle | Internal

Can you run these tires tubeless? Has anyone tried it? Don't even think of it, 700v too thin and a kevlar bead not carbon. With these tires, you get the best road feel using latex tubes, but if you want more protection against flats, try butyl tubes with 2 oz Mtb parts online sealant.

4000 ii grand prix 700c s continental

Did Conti change the actual width of these tires? Two of my friends have them labeled as 25mm. One measures 25mm wide, the other The rim widths are nearly the same.

Continental Grand Prix 4000S II 700c Clincher Folding Road Tyre

The latter purchased over a year ago, the former more continenatl. At this time we do not have an order in for that size.

grand 4000 continental s 700c prix ii

Maybe check back in a month or so to see if we have placed an order for peix size. If you would like to explore similar tire options in that size feel free to chat with a Gearhead online or call us at Will competitive cyclist be offering this product in colors? Wondering if there is an availability issue? Sign In Signing In.

700c ii 4000 continental grand prix s

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grand 700c s prix continental 4000 ii

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