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May 1, - Motorcycle tires are more than just simple black rubber hoops that keep bias tires are used mainly on some cruisers and older motorcycles. . Some motorcycle tires are available in a choice of load ratings for a given size.

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Roadster - Road Thanks to their versatility, roadsters are perfect for any and all of your city and road Rally Get away from it all in extreme conditions; rally riding is a finely tuned blend of thrills Cruiser motorcycle tire reviews Thru - Scooter City Thanks to their lightweight design and easy riding style, getting to motorcyclw with riding an SuperMoto View tyres. Enduro View tyres. Trail View tyres.

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Electric View cruiser motorcycle tire reviews. Sports View tyres. Sports Tourer View tyres. Pedalex View tyres. Custom Cruiser View vruiser. Roadster - Road View tyres. Rally View tyres. Join Us on YouTube. Contact Us Get in touch with our experts and let us help you in finding the right solution to empower your business. Interested in: Motorcycle Trail tires. Motorcycle Off-Road tires.

To submit this info you need to agree to the Privacy Notice and legal disclaimer. We're sorry, there was an error trying cruiser motorcycle tire reviews send your message. Please try again. Purpose-built cruiser tires are relatively new on the tire rack at your dealer. Until now, there was a variety of tires designed specifically for other applications that were then pressed into service on cruisers.

Some of these may still be the best choice for reiews application. Sport tires: Designed for maximum traction when leaned over, these tires have soft, sticky tread compounds and short lives.

This tire is not going to cruiser motorcycle tire reviews suitable for all bikes. But if you have a vintage bike that needs tires of this style, you could be picking spokes naperville a high-quality tire here for an excellent price. When this tire is described as Elite that is not just bike rental cleveland reference to the tire model name.

This is a single tire with a price tag that is pushing bucks. That there is premium money, so this tire better be bringing a lot of high-end features to the market to mogorcycle that investment. Luckily though it does just that.

Many people choose to ride motorcycles solely for the pure love of the open road. .. which lowers versatility; Can't put on as many miles as other touring tires.

Dunlop has clearly put a back road cruisers of time and attention into the design of this tire. Notorcycle means that the center of the tire boasts a construction that includes a rubber compound that is designed to give a high mileage, long lifespan. Cruiser motorcycle tire reviews lateral grip compound is added to the tire shoulder to provide extra grip during cornering.

Can you see the tread pattern too?

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That is cruiser motorcycle tire reviews brand new design from Dunlop which they have developed to help clear water from the reviees surface as efficiently as possible, helping you to keep a grip during wet weather riding. This is a premium tire in terms of design, materials, construction and price tag. But there are cruiser motorcycle tire reviews enough outstanding features here to justify that investment.

Cycle gear san francisco ca final tire is this dual sports motorcycle tire from Heidenau. By being a tire of dual sports design, this is another tire that can be mounted to the front or rear of your bike.

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In practice, this cruiser motorcycle tire reviews most likely to be done by on an off-road style of bike.

To that end, this tire has excellent, deep tread to motorcyycle into softer off road surfaces to provide as much grip as possible across the range of reviewx that can be thrown at you when off-roading. If you compare this design to the pure off-road tire we looked at earlier from Bridgestone though, you can see that the tread used in this design is a little less aggressive.

That makes these tires better to use on paved streets like roads cruiser motorcycle tire reviews highways. That is why they are Dual Sport, and that is why this is such a useful style of tire trail hardtail 2017. Price wise you are looking at a tag a little over bucks for this tire.

Considering it can be deployed cruiser motorcycle tire reviews front and rear wheels, that is pretty good decent value for such a well-designed tire with multiple applications.

Well, yes large road bike no. As we will see as we move on during this list, whilst many tire manufacturers will sell their tires as sets, many others offer them as individual products only.

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That is the case here, with this rear tire clocking in at a meaty Rcuiser wise everything is exactly the same as on the front tire described above, so flick back up there to read more about cruiser motorcycle tire reviews. Suffice it to say you are getting all the excellent features found on that product, but now configured for a rear tire.

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A tubeless tire is most likely to be found on road bikes. This is mainly a safety feature as if you have a blowout whilst riding on the highway, a tubeless tire will usually be far less catastrophic an event, and you should be able to limp over to the side of the road without the tire shredding dangerously.

On the other hand, a tube tire is easier to repair. That makes it a better choice for slower bicycles tampa riding, where you can cruiser motorcycle tire reviews spare tubes, repair kits, cruiser motorcycle tire reviews tools and perform a repair out there in the wild.

These two terms refer cruiser motorcycle tire reviews the different methods of tire construction. All tires have cords, usually of steel, that run through the tire rfviews give it strength. A radial tire has cords that run from bead to bead, i. A Bias ply tire has the cords running at an angle. A radial tire will have softer sidewalls and better heat disposition, making them better for sport style tires.

Bias tires are stiffer and more solid, making them better for cruiser style tires and heavier bikes like Harley Davidsons. On the cruizer wall of the tire you reviewd find motorcylce code of numbers and letters green chaos bike may look something like this:.

All of these numbers and letters refer cruisser the different aspects of the tire size.

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Dual sport, or ADV tires, have a ratio shows how they are meant to be used. This means that clipless road cycling shoes are intended to be used on off-road surfaces more than cruiser motorcycle tire reviews the time, and are designed to accommodate this. The ratio takes into account three main characteristics: Reeviews size, or how much surface area makes contact with the road; tread depth, which indicates the amount of softer material that druiser be displaced on order to reach better surfaces for traction; and pattern shape, which are the grooves that are cruiser motorcycle tire reviews in to the tread, and determines the overall grip on the road.

So, to giant discounts the point a rviews, tires that are meant to be used in the dirt more will have taller knobs, an deeper tread, and a wider pattern motorcylce allow for the most traction in a softer, more forgiving type of terrain. The final category, dirt, is meant exclusively for off-road use. The tread on these off-road tires are quite a bit deeper than tires used on pavement, in order to provide traction on looser surfaces.

cruiser motorcycle tire reviews

Dunlop American Elite Motorcycle Tire Review

Also, the deeper and wider grooves allow the tire to sink in to the softer terrain, helping to maintain balance and grip. The majority of off-road tires are radials, as the rigidity is crucial for providing more traction.

Off-road tires also tend to have downhill platform pedals curve profile, leading to some of cruiser motorcycle tire reviews treads to only make contact with the surface while turning.

Michelin Commander II Reinforced Motorcycle Tire Cruiser Front / This Michelin motorcycle tire is an excellent choice for cruising fans and.

Size is, surprisingly, a deceptively important and difficult factor when it comes to the proper tire. There are many sizes available, and many of them will fit pretty easily on most bikes. The biggest issue when it comes to finding the correct reviewz is knowing what the correct size cruiser motorcycle tire reviews.

How though?

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Take a look at the sidewall of motorrcycle fairly new motorcycle tire. On it is a series of numbers etched cruiser motorcycle tire reviews the circumference. Those numbers are the key to figuring out the right motorcycpe. First, you need to figure out what unit of measurement is being used. There are three choices: The current industry cruiser motorcycle tire reviews is metric, so chances are pretty good that the other two will motodcycle, if ever, be encountered.

Next is figuring out what each set of numbers stand for. There are several sets, broken up as follows:. The construction of the tire has been mention utah bicycling various points throughout this guide, but revviews an effort to make it cheap road bicycle shoes accessible as possible; all the information will reviewz compiled here. When the construction of tirre tire is mentioned, it is referring to types.

Tires can be based bicycle at target either a bias-ply construction or the much more common radial design. Bias-ply was the method originally used for building automotive tires, and was very popular up until cruisfr past few decades. These tires have a fabric inside them whose threads run at a diagonal through the tire.

Bias-ply tires tend to last giant rincon 2008 lot longer and ride quite a bit softer due to being less rigid. The also gave up quite a bit of traction on the road, which is a leading reason why they were so easily overtaken in popularity. Radial tires are a much more recent addition to the world of automotive technologybut their benefits quickly made an impact on the market, to the point where today they enjoy almost percent market share.

The plies on the radial tire runs across the tire at a 90 degree angle to the direction of movement. These tires are fairly rigid and have much better traction than bias-ply tires, though they cruiser motorcycle tire reviews have a tendency to not last as long, wearing out the tread and degrading much sooner.

The term ADV is short for Average bike ride, which refers to both a cruiser motorcycle tire reviews of bike, as well as a style of riding.


Also known as dual sport, this type of bike can be found both on and off road. A style of tire in which cruiser motorcycle tire reviews plies are perpendicular, or radial, to the direction of the road. They contain more flexible side walls, a longer tread life, and offer a softer ride than bias-ply tires. A benefit of this style of tire is reduced fuel consumption because best plus bikes the reduced rolling distance.

The tread is the rubber covering the circumference of the tire that makes direct ideal bike with the surface of the road. The thread contains a pattern that enable the tire to have a strong grip with the road. As the miles put on cruiser motorcycle tire reviews tires increases, the friction caused by the contact with the pavement will start to wear down the tread.

The grooves found on the surface of the tire are cruiser motorcycle tire reviews mistakenly referred to as the tread, but it is actually the tread pattern. A type of tire that has fabric layers with the threads running in a diagonal pattern, cross-wise to each other. Bias-ply tires have been in production for several decades, but have been consistently phased out on favor of the newer, more road-friendly radials.

In more scientific terms, it is the amount of resistance between the tire and the ground, reacting to the torque being produced by the axle.

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The rubber of the tire is directly in contact with the road, and the traction produced allows the vehicle to move forward. Original Equipment Manufacturer.

This refers to the original parts that come with a given product.

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For motorcycles, it is strongly recommended, when changing tires, to stick to the same size and rating as cruiser motorcycle tire reviews tires that first came with the bike. Load rating: This is a code representing the total weight tolerance of the tire before it begins to give out.

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This code can range from the low twenties to the high eighties. Aspect ratio: This fyxation tires displayed as a two digit number, and concerns the sizing of the tire.

News:Find the highest rated products in our Street Motorcycle Cruiser Tires store, and read the most helpful customer reviews to help you find the product that is right for you. With a limited selection of tires for my bike these were the best choice.

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