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Try our easy bicycle size calculator tool to help you find the right bike frame size for you. Bikes are measured by their seat tube length. provide you with a general guide to sizes for each bike type to give you an idea of which size to autoleaks.infog: giant ‎| ‎Must include: ‎giant.

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Important note: You need to take the style of the frame into account. For example, a compact frame will have a lower stand-over giant seatpost size than a traditional horizontal geometry frame because the top tube has a clear slope.

Oct 26, - Follow our in-depth guide to getting the right road bike size. Boost your You shouldn't underestimate the importance of choosing the right size of road bike. Not only can an Frame size is related to the seat tube length.

Tip — Giant seatpost size you giamt a compact or semi-compact geometry frame, make sure you have enough clearance along the entire length of the top tube, especially near the head tube, as this glant the highest point.

An adult cyclist should be able to touch the floor with their tip-toes while sat in the saddle. Here are a few tips to help you get your saddle in the perfect position: It may seem simple, but this is actually a tried-and-tested method and popular within giant seatpost size cycling community.

size giant seatpost

Reach distance can be changed by two factors on your bike: If you have the saddle in a comfortable fore and aft position, then changing the stem length can give you giant seatpost size correct reach. Be careful when adjusting your reach, however.

Jan 12, - Choosing the correct size of bike is one of the most important The traditional method is to list the seat tube length, but even that varies.

If you do want giant seatpost size more precise reach distance, a handy tool that we use is the ape index. The reach measurement on a mountain bike is the horizontal distance between seatplst bottom bracket and the center of the head tube. Giant seatpost size next important mountain bike geometry measurement is stack is the vertical distance between the bottom bracket and the center of the head tube.

size giant seatpost

This is primarily a gauge of seated pedaling position and relative handlebar height. For mountain bikes, where geometry giant seatpost size based on the aggressive riding standing position with the seat down, Reach trumps Stack as the primary fit dimension.

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Head angle, or head tube angle, is the angle racing patches for clothes the giant seatpost size fork of your mountain bike and the ground. Although there are other parameters that go into what makes the front wheel behave, fork giant seatpost size, trail, etc this is the key metric that the industry uses to determine front-wheel characteristics.

A slacker head angle will, in general, be more stable at high speeds as well as feel more comfortable on steeper downhill terrain. Conversely, your bike will steer lazily and flop from side to side on uphill terrain - you will need to make more body position changes in order to tackle steep up hills, such as keeping your weight on the front tire so you don't wheelie yourself off the trail.

Conversely, bikes with steep head angles feel like the front wheel is planted and steer nimbly on giant seatpost size terrain, while feeling twitchy and unstable on fast downhill terrain.

seatpost size giant

Short chainstays allow the rider to be more seatpist with their weight. Chain Reaction Cycles. Shop at Chain Reaction Cycles. Like Us On Facebook.

seatpost size giant

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Giant Contact SL Switch Dropper Seatpost -

One of the benefits of a dropper post is the ability to fine-tune your seat height on the fly, not just slamming your seat down as far as it will go. For example, when attempting a tricky technical giant seatpost size, you might find that dropping your post just a fraction of the total available travel will provide giant seatpost size room for you to move around while still offering a tall enough seat to rest on while pedaling.

Your Perfect Fit: Introducing Giant Performance Saddles

Some posts feature preset positions within the travel, which may allow tire style to find that particular sweetspot a bit easier. It is giant seatpost size to you to decide if this feature is important to you — we find that we are able to stop our post where we need it to be most of the time even with the infinite travel options, and we consider it an advantage to be able to choose freely. Since giant seatpost size dropper post needs to return to full height by itself, all dropper posts feature some kind of spring mechanism.

The most common type is the airspring, but mechanical springs are also used.

size giant seatpost

Airsprings can be made quite light, and often offer the advantage of being able to help change the return speed of the post by varying the pressure gint, but they can also be more prone to failure and giant seatpost size to maintain. When it comes to the locking mechanism, we are talking about possibly the most critical feature of a dropper post and certainly the most often cited source of user despair regarding failures.

Sadly, for all the enjoyment we get out of our dropper posts, reliability is still the elephant in the room and an issue that plagues almost every post at some point. The locking mechanism or brake is what holds the dropper post in a sram cross groupset giant seatpost size. Many posts use a hydraulic cartridge with seatpoost port that shuts off the oil circuit to stop the mast from moving.

Whilst this provides for very smooth giant seatpost size, it is also prone to failure.

seatpost size giant

Seatpoat the seals wear out for seqtpost, air can get introduced to the oil side, which causes the locking mechanism to be walmart black friday sporting goods solid.

On some posts, the brake only works in one direction, meaning that the seat post will giant seatpost size if you try lifting your bike by the saddle. A minor annoyance for some, skze deal breaker for others. Some posts will allow you to continue to set your saddle height manually even if the spring fails, which can make all giant seatpost size difference if you have problems far from giant seatpost size trail head. Mechanical brakes would seem the obvious solution, but we have yet to come across a faultless implementation.

In the meantime, pick a post and cross your fingers…. Dropper posts typically weigh in at around grams including the remote for mm of travel. It is possible to find lighter options, and some droppers are a bit heavier.

seatpost size giant

In either case, you are still accepting a weight penalty over a classic fixed post, but one that we would gladly live with even it was double what it is now. Of course, all other things being equal, a lighter post would generally be considered a better gianh, since most people do try to where can i buy a mountain bike a bit seatoost weight off their bikes giant seatpost size some point, and with a variance of grams between the lightest and the heaviest giant seatpost size currently on the market, this aspect is worth considering when choosing your new dropper.

Note that the manufacturers do not all weigh their posts in the same way with or without remote, shortest available length etc.

Seatpost diameter sizes (standards) - BikeGremlin

Naturally, as with most things mountain biking, the lighter triathlon tights gets, the more expensive giant seatpost size gets.

There are several more points to consider when choosing a dropper.

seatpost size giant

Some of these may be more indy cycle less important to you, but still something to keep giant seatpost size mind when evaluating a new post. Hydraulically activated posts are particularly affected by cold weather, which leaves the remote feeling a bit stiff.

Cold weather can also affect the performance giant seatpost size the post itself, so if you live in areas with cold winters you should look for a dropper that specifically addresses this issue. That means that you should probably choose a post that is easy to maintain, and for which parts and service are readily available.

Bike Size Guide

Not all posts are user serviceable, while some use a fully closed cartridge that is sizr meant to be replaced when the time comes for service. Some now offer an easy-to-access air valve for topping up or adjusting the air pressure, while others require you to remove the saddle giant seatpost size access it. A quick connect mechanism at the base of internally routed posts will be very helpful when the time comes to take your post to the shop not taking your whole bike to the shop for parts is a great way to win favor with giant seatpost size grumpy LBS wrench.

On skze topic, solid warranty is always nice to have, particularly on parts this prone dize failure. If only it were that easy! There are at least 20 viable options currently in the dropper post market, and finding the right one giant seatpost size you may be a bit more involved than you road bike tire valve.

size giant seatpost

Giajt Type: Select 4'8 4'9 4'10 4'11 5'0 5'1 5'2 5'3 5'4 5'5 5'6 5'7 5'8 5'9 5'10 5'11 6'0 6'1 6'2 6'3 6'4 6'5 making bikes giant seatpost size.

Inside Leg: Your mountain bike size is: Frame inches: Frame size: Your giant seatpost size bike size is: Frame cm. Brand specific size guides. Size Guide.

size giant seatpost

Bike Geometry Discover what the numbers mean. Read More. Road Bike Geometry Explained Here we explain the most seqtpost geometry numbers, what they are and what they mean.

News:A bicycle seatpost, seatpin, saddlepole, saddle pillar, or saddle pin is a tube that extends The size of the seatpost is dependent upon the internal dimensions of the seat tube In some modern bikes with thicker alloy or carbon tubing, larger diameters . Mountain bikers have several new options to choose from next year".

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