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Kenda's Happy Medium 24" Cyclocross Tire strikes a balance between straight-line speed and confident cornering bite that results in performance that's much.

Kenda Flintridge Pro Tires: Getting Rolling

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Kenda Happy Medium 700c Cyclocross Tyre

Add Your Own Rating! Click on a star to rate kenda happy medium product. Continue Shopping View Cart. Confirm Your Email Address: Burnside St. This tire looks much better.

I weigh pounds, and the bike is around I am building up a Mtn Cycle Stumptown and want an all around tire for road kenda happy medium gravel, fire roads. I really like the Happy Mediums. The rubber compound and casing are nice and supple, so you still get a nice ride keenda higher pressures. I swapped out my small block eights on a mnt bike to ride some longer fire trail several years ago and have never gone back.

The Happy Mediums corner as well and roll much quieter. A great gravel road tire.

medium kenda happy

Long lasting tread compound with Kenda NMA technology creates a great all around tire. Designed for premium, high performance touring cars, the Kenda VezdaEco is manufactured with a silica infused tread compound that reduces C02 emissions and rolling resistance, offering kenda happy medium great fuel economy.

This medijm also has full depth siping and w.

happy medium kenda

All prices are per tire. You will have the option to modify your shipping options during the checkout process. Kenda Happy Medium Cyclocross Tire (Black, x32mm) into that pile of gravel or decide to do a quick trail run on your way home from work.

My Vehicle edit. Suggested Tire Size edit. My Product line Happy Medium Pro edit. Email Address. Kenda Happy Medium x40c I am a man who used to have a serious tire fetish. kenda happy medium

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Kenda Happy Medium Pro DTC/SCT Tire

Other experimenters have carefully sliced an inner tube to create a DIY rubber strip with a built-in valve. Hopefully this series of articles has helped reduce the learning curve in riding tubeless and kenda happy medium some of the fear and myths with tubeless tires.

happy medium kenda

Good luck. Trackback message Title: Mountain Bike Excerpt: Jen G: I giantube to stop at the bike shop for padded shorts.

happy medium kenda

I'm trying to figure out how to fix the problem in the meantime so my butt doesn't hurt so bad. Perhaps kenda happy medium under sweatpants. Blog name: Mountain Bike. I decided to try to make cycling more interesting this year and bought kedium cross bike.

happy medium kenda

I figure it can't hurt any more than playing lacrosse. On the whole tires choice issues tubbed vs tubeless vs tubular I was wondering if one had two pairs of wheels would it not make sense kenda happy medium run tubulars for nasty muddy conditions and clinchers for dry faster courses and road use.

happy medium kenda

Sew ups don't bug well anymore than anyone else ;- kenda happy medium, and Kenda happy medium used them for years on my road bike. Tubulars seem denver bike the ideal mud tire choice for all the reasons you guys listed. Messing with liquid glue in the tire seems like more trouble than an extra set of wheels and tubulars. I ride with Hutchinson Fusion kendq tubeless on there.

medium kenda happy

Lately, I was on a ride kenda happy medium which the outside temperature was close to degrees Fahrenheit. At about mile 35, the rear tire popped, lost air, sealant went spraying, and I rolled to a stop.

happy medium kenda

I had to use a tire lever to get the tire off and place a tube in it. What do you think could have caused this?

medium kenda happy

Is this an example of burping? Possible considerations I have thought have been that there was too much expansion from the heat and the tire couldn't hold it. Or bead failure. kenda happy medium

Kenda Happy Medium Pro DTC/SCT Tires:: From $ Kenda c Cyclocross/Gravel Clincher Tires:: - + mountain & road.

It's really hard to tell without seeing everything and knowing kkenda pressure you were at. It could be a heat issue raleigh recreation — and the sealant provided enough lube at high pressure to cause the tire to blow off?

But anyway, you won't have any such issues at low pressure, since for cyclocross you'd be most likely riding kenda happy medium depending kenda happy medium your weigh. The Hutchinson road tubeless tires were designed specifically with Shimano road tubeless rims in mind — perhaps the bead lock wasn't sufficient?

medium kenda happy

Excellent article for the do's and dont;s. I ran tubeless all last season including Nationals with 2 different tire set ups. Fulcrum 2 way Race 1 kenda happy medium Hutchinson Pirhanas.

Kenda Happy Medium Review

Will be using the same set up again this coming season. This is a really practical and informative article about what works retro kids bikes what doesn't specifically for cx. Anyone who has experimented with tubeless can relate and anyone who's thinking about it kenda happy medium better information to get started.

medium kenda happy

From kenda happy medium experience, the tubeless route did not work mountain bike parts list me and many of the pitfalls mentioned were ones I did not avoid so a lot of it can be tagged to human error and not the equipment. Since then, I've accumulated a stable of different tubulars with a variety of tread to match the conditions.

happy medium kenda

The one area of concern I would pump that pedal that's mentioned in the article medihm preparing tubeless tires the night before a race.

Without testing them, that's a medijm risk to take. Great job on the article. I gave up on Tubeless last season when Hutchinson stopped making the kevlar bead tires and moved to the carbon bead. In the process, they shrank the overall size of the tire to better fit non-Stans rims, but as a result my high-zoot Stans NoTubes rims suddenly were way too big for any new Hutchinson tire. Kenda happy medium scoured kenda happy medium shops to mediun the last two old tires that would work and when I destroyed two of my original tires in races mostly sharp rocks gashing the casing and making huge tears I gave up and went over to tubulars finally.

medium kenda happy

Matt—I've had excellent luck running other tires, like the Mud2's, as tubeless conversions. From what I hear, they work great on Stan's rims too.

happy medium kenda

Same goes for the PDX Hpapy tires — the Cyclepath guys in your hometown have had great luck with that very setup — Stan's rims and the Clement clinchers. In fox air defence goggle, some of the Corsa Concepts guys are talking about running aluminum Corsa wheels as tubeless conversions for their race setups this coming season. Hey all. We have many years of trying all kinds of options you kenda happy medium possibly imagine kenda happy medium tubeless cross.

Nothing else even compares and given the amount of time and money spent preparing for cross, race fees, equipment cost and the emotional distress caused from not being able to finish a race, its good to just do it right. If you come in and ask us, we will more than likely recommend the Crusades and Muds.

happy medium kenda

A note about Hutchinson Carbon Tubeless tires… 700x35 got the bead seat diameter wrong on this tire last year. Again, try that PDX! Bill, we've had really good luck with the carbon bead tubeless Hutchinsons — on both Stans medjum conversion rims, but agree the seating is really tricky in that once on the rim, a lot of air pressure kenda happy medium required to pop the happt all around the rim to make sure it was full seated and round.

The upside? Really easy floor pump inflation. At CXM headquarters, we've kenda happy medium palo alto bicycle shops used a compressor.

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They have worked fine thus far at pressures down to 40 psi. Had to use an air compressor to get the initial bead pop, but after letting them "cure atlanta bike shop a couple of hzppy I was able to deflate and air up with a kenda happy medium pump.

medium kenda happy

Bill, more than likely you were able to mdeium up your manually deflated tire with a hand pump because you didnt break the seal of the tire. Kneda you actually flat where the tire looses its seal with the rimn, you more than likely will need a compressor once again. History has shown us in the shop that kenda happy medium tire typically only gets harder kenda happy medium bead up to the rim as it gets used because they la jolla bike parts stretched, worn and more flexible.

Given they arent as rigid kenda happy medium when new, they dont typically inflate out to the rim as quickly. It kenfa depend on rider weight, height, riding style, tire interface and a few other things. Hub bikes cambridge youre getting to take advantage of equipment you already own, conversions should be seen as a inexpensive, somewhat successful way to go tubeless, not a super hardy option.


I say "somewhat successful" because most people dont get to take advantage of the extreme benefits of having a Stan's tubeless rim. With kenda happy medium ZTR 29'r rim you can run pressures even keda 30psi with very little fear of burping.

medium kenda happy

Above 30psi with the correct tire and the Stan's 29'r and youre solid! Curious if you run your canti brakes right on the anodized brake surface or if you kenda happy medium giant shadow up first.

happy medium kenda

I was planning on building up some Alpha wheels for CX this season…. Matt, yes, you can run rim brakes on ZTR 29'rs.

happy medium kenda

Dont bother with the The 's we were real excited about medum they first hit the market. We bought a bunch and immediately started selling them.

medium kenda happy

EVERY single rider we put on them lbs had burping issues. We had guys that blew all the air out and people were getting both upset and disappointed. We put two layers of yellow Stan's tape on them initially. That way kenda happy medium they went road tubeless, the high air pressure wouldnt blow through the tape. A second layer is not a bad thing for cross either as a tight clearance between tire and inner rim diameter tends to be a benefit.

Not only did we have different heights and weights of riders trying these out, we also had them all trying different air pressures and there was plenty enough one bicycles to cover both aggressive riding technique and softer technique.

The only couple of things that made these rims solid was higher kenda happy medium and the thick Stan's rubber rim strips we started using.

News:Dec 5, - Choosing a mountain bike tire is all about tradeoffs: More traction means greater rolling resistance. Stickier rubber isn't as durable. Hardpack.

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