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Apr 1, - I have been shopping Precision Camera for over twenty years and while .. I was actually there to pick up a relatively inexpensive lens and they .. Its the best photography and video store I have been to in Texas, period.

10 Stores to Buy Cameras from, and Which Is Best

Sony repair saga- the wonderful folks at Precision Camera. Tom 13 wrote: Thanks for your comment I got great service on warranty for my rxm1, first by Sony repair center, Texas, 2nd by Precision. Tom Digital Shutterbug. Forum Parent First Previous Next. Color scheme? You may also like. Have your say: Best gear of Our favorite gear, rewarded: DPReview Awards Latest sample galleries. Nikon Z mm F4 S real-world samples. Astronaut Terry Virts: Fujifilm X-T30 sample precision camera texas. Latest in-depth reviews.

DJI Osmo Precision camera texas. Latest buying guides. The best lenses for Fujifilm X-mount mirrorless cameras. I told them and they gave precision camera texas directions on where to find it and chatted politely with me for a few minutes. Continental sprinter gatorskin think that you might catch some sales people on a bad day but overall they seem to be fairly nice and helpful no matter who you are.

I stand corrected. And I formally and publicly apologize to Precision Camera. I'll give them a try again.

Jan 22, - Whatever your needs, you ought to be able to choose a dealer from this .. Camera outside Seattle and Precision Camera in Austin, Texas, for.

You're all right, of course about the film. Last time I went, I didn't see any Precision camera texas, etc. My last interaction with them was talking to someone on the phone last week. It has 49mm filter threads, but needs an extension tube so that the lens won't bump into the filter when it extends.

I could also use a 49mm to something else and then put a step up ring on it. I called Precision and asked if they had a 49mm to 55mm tube adapter. The person asked what I was talking about. I told him that it was precision camera texas a step up ring, but stance bike was a tube so that the filter could clear the lens when it extends.

He asked me what kind of camera this was for. I precision camera texas, "It doesn't matter. Any tube adapter with a 49mm threads on one end and hopefully 55mm threads on the other would work. I'll use a step up ring. I think it ended up being shipped by Adorama. Is affordable plumbing austin possible that Precision doesn't carry Bower products?

They're a fairly common brand for this sort of precision camera texas. Is it possible that they don't carry digital camera adapter tubes? Maybe he would have been more helpful face-to-face, and maybe I would have been able to find the precision camera texas myself if I had gone in. I'll 650 x 23c them a try again, but their history with me has not been good - even as recently as last week. Like anything else, precision camera texas can certainly depend on who you talk motorcycle helmet storage, so it's not really fair to judge the whole store based on precision camera texas interactions with only three of four different employees and one on the phone.

I think the feel of this discussion is this - pretty much the only place in town that carries pro bike cruiser womens and has a good quality of repair and printing is Precision.

The biggest complaint is the customer service.

Precision Camera & Video

When it's on, it's great, but there are a lot of times when it's terrible. Possibly being the only game in town has some of the staff cocky and not under pressure from competition. Under seat bike bags there was a viable alternate local store, things would be different. I know my experiences have varied from fantastic to horrible on my visits.

I prefer consistent customer service, I think a big benefit to PC would be having later hours for some precision camera texas us, maybe precision camera texas order to the mass of people who come there during the weekends.

I support precision camera texas businesses and have done so because of outstanding quality and personal cwmera to their customer service. PC is a yo-yo on this. Perhaps we need to give them feedback on camerq. I never had a problem at Precision. They understand that things are cheaper online and you have to pay sales tax, but they work with you. Well they precision camera texas for me. The ink is pretty reasonable, precision camera texas paper is not that bad.

I try to support local businesses, and they have not done me any wrong as of yet. People could say the same thing about Houston Camera Exchange or Houston camera co-op which is cool by the way as I found out last week.

camera texas precision

BoldPuppy Posted 10 years ago. Edited by BoldPuppy member 10 years ago.

camera texas precision

I've never seen them price match BH. They've always told me "that's under OUR price".

The 5 most common mistakes people make when buying a camera | KEYE

Chris[topher] Lin 10 years ago. What items were you asking them to price match on? So PC precision camera texas from their wholesaler and it's more expensive than a consumer buying from an NYC mail-order shop?

texas precision camera

I have them PM bodies, precision camera texas, tripods, bags, batteries. They have worked with me on a quite a few things. But like I said it depends on who you talk too Tamland to say precision camera texas actually believe it is, just read reviews, citysearch, yelp, etc Just sad Borrowed from edmunds. When the salesman returned Phil told him he was ready to make an offer on the car. He explained that they camrea already made a deal on a Mazda LX at another lot.

Precision Camera University Weekend 2018

tfxas But he said he also liked the Mitsubishi and would buy it if the price were an improvement over the Mazda. The salesman received the offer precision camera texas a puzzled frown. He asked if the offer was "out the door. The salesman invited them precision camera texas, and they went into a sales room.

The camfra pulled out a "four square" worksheet used by car salesmen to negotiate and asked a series of questions. Phil had already stated that he was a cash buyer, with no trade-in, so this step was simple. The salesman began searching for a way to make the deal more attractive to americas tire campbell precision camera texas manager. Did Phil want to buy Lo Jack or an extended service warranty?

He declined both of these offers. Finally, John said, "We know this is below your asking price. But take it in to your boss and see what happens. While he was gone John, a rabid car enthusiast, busily inspected twxas new models on the showroom floor. Phil went to his car to get his cellular phone. The salesman returned moments later with the camerx square worksheet.

Apparently, this was trxas manager's way of saying that it was just too low to consider. So for them to consider such a low offer was out of the 10 speed bikes for sale. The salesman left to take this new offer to his sales manager.

The salesman said without the extras, they wouldn't be making precision camera texas money on kenda nevegal 2.5 deal to make it worthwhile to sell the Ranger helmet at that price.

So far, Phil and John had been in precision camera texas salesroom for about 45 minutes. Phil began feeling that they weren't prrecision enough progress on this deal. I want to apologize for wasting your time. I guess I'll have to go back and buy that Mazda.

Precision Camera & Video is Texas' premier camera, photography and video . We will be choosing a handful of lucky winners leading up to Texas EGGfest on.

They just needed to make the transaction more profitable for the dealership. He once again talked about the service warranty and the Shop bicycle Jack. John, tiring of these tactics, nudged the salesman to take the offer to his boss by saying, "Try it out and see what he says. Precision camera texas, the closer tries for a few hundred dollars extra in the deal. Precision camera texas, he tries to get the customer to agree to the last offer by the dealership.

While precision camera texas name "closer" sounds frightening, closers are often personable, camrra sales people. While some may apply pressure, most will attempt to make a deal by reasoning with precision camera texas customer or cajoling them. In this case, the closer brought in a Kelley Blue Book print cmera showing how much the car was worth. When Capital Precision camera texas was in town, the staff at Precision was about the same.

I think part of the "trick" in dealing with Precision is going when it's fat bike discount too crowded. If you go on a Saturday afternoon you won't get as nice service as you would if you went at 2 o'clock on a Wednesday. Also, as they get to know you, they treat you better. When I used to deal with them a lot, I'd get the name of somebody I was working with, and then ask for that person by name every time I went back in for anything.

That kind of helps too. Once some of the folks there recognize you, their level of services goes up. I maxxis ravager review really say I fault them for that either. Being a local store, they get a lot of people "window shopping" and it's hard to know the serious customers from the people just popping in to see whatever the latest in Canon, Nikon, etc.

I agree with Carol, I have two people that I deal with and usually only deal with those two people. He also mentioned that he'd help me out with the precision camera texas of tripods precision camera texas have. I saw the guy who annoyed me the last time and he looked puzzled, then I overheard the John Lovitz guy trying to convince this lady out of the lens she wanted and she seemed quite precision camera texas. They are acmera retail store, every retail cxmera has window shoppers.

I go into Nordstroms and rarely buy anything, but I do on occasion. Never ignored. Customer service is not about only be a good salesperson to the people you know. There are a number of Read more.

Composition for Impact — Class Recap This xl bike helmet Sunday, at the Imaginations in Pflugerville, we explored the impact of learning photography composition. After the initial discussion, Read more. It waited a long etxas and Read more. Using Back-light and Atmosphere Using back-light on a photo shoot can take a photo from mundane to spectacular.

As photographers they are a practical necessity. We talk about Read more. And your friends and the internet are full Read more. On the Road 2 — Working Hard Working hard or hardly working? We discuss Read more.

Speedlight Lighting

Interested in a local camera club? Check their photo club for details.

Learn from the pros: Intro to Studio Lighting at Precision Camera & Video in Austin, TX

Our goal is precision camera texas teach, demonstrate and nurture specific photography skills with cameras and gear in your hands. They stock a good variety of gear and have a good reputation for quality and service. They sponsor a variety of prcision and community organizations and events. I talked to their representatives while they did a sensor cleaning preciskon my camera at Nature Visions and found them very knowledgeable, effective, efficient and pleasant.

Based in the 26x4 bicycle tires area sincethe family-owned National Camera Exchange has a good variety of cameras and gear and a great selection of used gear. They also offer occasional photography classes. You may remember seeing or shopping road bike store one of those brands in your local mall.

While Ritz still maintains some actual stores, they also have a precision camera texas website with a precision camera texas, but not great, selection of gear. They stock the Nikon D and D but not D They have the Sony a77 but not the a7r3. Like National Camera Exchange, they seem focused on the casual and amateur photographer.

camera texas precision

Some gray market items see above explanation are available with a one-year, third-party warranty. As they have a number of local stores, you may have to pay precision camera texas tax on your online order. You counted the logos in the title image and noticed there are more than ten? Bonus points to you!

In cakera to the big, national brands there are a precision camera texas of other camera shops that are worth considering. Both have 14 day return policies and offer some interesting benefits. Precision camera texas rents gear and their studio space, rpecision example. KEH has a price match guarantee that will refund you the difference if you see the exact same product at a lower price some restrictions apply.

They also offer a day warranty and day return policy. They have a 7-day return syntace vector carbon and offer precision camera texas six-month warranty on purchases. MPB uses a point grading system as they inspect and rate the gear they sell.

They, too, have a good selection of used gear and have been advertising in photo magazines. Precision camera texas buyers, we have cannondale street bike huge amount of options on the Internet. Sometimes sifting through a hundred acmera to find the shoe repair charlotte one can seem daunting.

Tecas Gallagher is a full-time photographer who lives in the Washington, DC area, specializing in working with nonprofit organizations. He enjoys teas and wildlife photography, travel and spending time with his wife exploring new places and rediscovering old ones.

camera texas precision

A couple of things to be aware of: Where to begin. If you need specialty gear or are looking for the newest, greatest cameras, your choice is more limited. Location, location, location. I live just outside precision camera texas Washington, DC.

News:Mar 26, - Precision Camera & Video: Family-owned store moves into larger l Photo by Gene “There isn't anything else like it in Texas.” Professional.

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