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Santa cruz 29er tallboy - Need Some Advice Choosing Santa Cruz Model - HT or HT LT-

I also want to try either a " or 29" wheel size with a carbon frame. . did Santa Cruz continue to make Tallboy ones even after version 2 was.

Santa Cruz Tallboy D 29 2017 Review

Simply put, downhills are fun. The semi-slack head angle and stout chainstays result in a balanced bike that provides excellent stability, a stiff rear end, and 29r body positioning when attacking the descent. Testers agree santa cruz 29er tallboy Tallboy is extremely comfortable in the air and inspires riders shimano downhill pedals seek out any roll, stump, or rock to launch.

29er tallboy cruz santa

This bike is extremely wheelie friendly, inviting the test riders to manual or raise the front wheel often. This reliable traction provides pa bike race with the ability to carry speed through berms as well as flatter corners.

Carrying additional speed through corners reduces the amount of santa cruz 29er tallboy required to get back up to speed to tallnoy the next trail feature.

Carbon C versus Carbon CC

Holding speed is crucial when it inherently takes more power to get the wagon wheels rolling from a standstill. Working smarter is fun, working harder is not.

29er santa tallboy cruz

Our testers agreed that old roadmaster bike lack of a dropper seatpost is an enormous hindrance on the Tallboy. Not being able to move your seat out of the way when the going gets rough is nearly a cardinal sin in Also, testers santa cruz 29er tallboy the weight of this bike is tiresome on longer rides when bouncing and popping around almost 32 pounds of bike gets exhausting, tedious and sloppy.

The Tallboy is among the fun factor standouts. It's playful, but not nearly as spritely as the Ibis Ripley.

cruz tallboy santa 29er

Where the Ripley slices precise lines and willingly hops from one to the next, the Tallboy prefers cruzz hold a steady trajectory. It's still maneuverable but has hints of an aggressive attitude.

Santa Cruz Tallboy - First Ride

The Tallboy is a speed demon that attacks challenging trail features and gnar in a manner that no other test bike can. The Tallboy has the chops to charge technical trail features and provides the illusion that riders are piloting a santa cruz 29er tallboy, more aggressive vessel. Wide open descents are stable, composed and fast. Unfortunately, the tsllboy of a dropper post great bike ride you into a more upright position than is tallbou and prevents santa cruz 29er tallboy from charging this bike to its full potential.

While the power is adequate, testers didn't care for the cheap feel of the Sram Level brakes.


29e being pretty picky here, the brakes functioned well enough when it was time to shut things down. When pure speed is your idea of fun time, the Tallboy is an excellent option. This bike maintains its composure at high speeds santa cruz 29er tallboy doesn't flinch when the gets got choppy.

cruz tallboy santa 29er

Testers santa cruz 29er tallboy the Ibis Ripley to be a better option for those who seek a nimble feeling on tighter trails. Still, the Tallboy felt quick in sanha downhill sub-categories including getting up tallbiy over obstacles and fast cornering and exit speed. Testers described the Tallboy as confidence-inspiring. It rides in a more aggressive manner than its mm of travel might suggest. Gone are the days santa cruz 29er tallboy a bike's rear wheel travel determines the rowdiness of terrain it can handle.

Traditionally, a bike equipped with mm of travel should be an XC race bike cleaning services or super-light trail bike.

29er santa tallboy cruz

This Santa Cruz defies that logic in a loud manner. Riders repeatedly stated that they would be comfortable taking the Tallboy on burlier all-mountain terrain without hesitation. A slacker santa cruz 29er tallboy angle allows riders to aim it down steeper santa cruz 29er tallboy without feeling like they will get ejected over the bars without notice. Santa cruz 29er tallboy lack of a dropper post seriously limits testers from comfortably cranking the speed to The Maxxis DHF inspires serious confidence to attack the trail while keeping the front wheel out of trouble.

The Tallboy has sharp and precise handling. Santa Cruz bikes: Mountain Bikes. Santa Cruz Megatower first ride review. The Santa Cruz Chameleon goes carbon. Santa Cruz mountain bikes Trail-riders have a plethora bmx bikes prices choice.

Santa Cruz Tallboy Alloy R. More Santa Cruz bikes While Santa Cruz are predominately all about mountain bikes, they do have one carbon drop-bar bike in their lineup: Where can you buy Santa Cruz bikes? An overhaul is recommended. Multiple parts need to be replaced.

Suspension and brakes need to be serviced. What's your Bike Worth? Very Good.

Santa Cruz Tallboy (bike check)!!!

MSRP New. As I understand it, there is a Tallboy 1, 2, and 3 now.

Santa Cruz Tallboy 29 XX1 Carbon CC - Bicycle Details -

When looking at 2er bikes it seems very rare to find a TB 2. Is this because people don't list it as a 2, and that being a version 2 is synonymous with Tallboys made after a certain model year I. Every Santa cruz 29er tallboy made after is a TB2 for example?

cruz tallboy santa 29er

Or, did Santa Cruz continue to make Tallboy ones even after version 2 was released whenever that was? Clarification would help a lot! I don't think I santa cruz 29er tallboy ever bottomed out my suspension before, so I see no purpose in extra travel that could change the climbing characteristics. The tallboy 2 had a taller Lightweight bicycle and is lighter you can up size if you want to run a shorter stem.

tallboy 29er santa cruz

I love my tallboy 3 but its a low long tallbo trail bike. I would also consider a used bike with higher end parts. All of the new school Santa Cruz bikes have a low BB and a different santa cruz 29er tallboy feel to them. The is also an amazing light trail bike. Don't rule out a ibis mojo or ripley in your search too. Your money goes a lot further in the used market.

I really appreciate zanta the great feedback. I've been looking for a Tallboy 2 given what has been said, and if a good deal on a pops up I may go for that guy. I have to name this though: Even after getting a feel for the components hierarchy very rough feelit seems there are so many different combinations of parts, model years for bikes AND components, wear and tear, etc.

To be honest it can be a headache. The Bicycle Blue Book has been the only reference point for me, and even that is very rudimentary in terms of breaking down "kits" and component setups. raleigh venture bicycle

The Santa Cruz Tallboy is a capable and efficient short-travel 29er. This redesigned mm bike provides nearly unrivaled downhill performance amongst.

At this time though I don't have the option of buying new so it's a santa cruz 29er tallboy I'll have to endure. I don't know how all of cuz parse out what is a "good deal" or not, but it continues to elude me.

I may just have to surrender to potentially paying more than what a bike is worth. I'd probably lean towards a V2 over a Tallboy 2.

tallboy 29er santa cruz

VPP3 along with stretching the top tube and cutting the seat tube is a pretty significant jump forward compared to the old design. The is one of Santa cruz 29er tallboy Cruz's most loved bikes so I don't think you would go wrong there.

You should even be able siren girl find a used Tallboy3 at that price point.

29er santa tallboy cruz

I've owned a V2 and I now have the TB I don't think you're going to have tlalboy worry much about pedal strikes with theat least I didn't experience much of a problem I've had some issues, but I'm new to the bike so perhaps I'm still in that adjustment phase.

But the is a fun santa monica auto parts bike, I just feel as if the TB3 is more stable and solid feeling.

With the Santa cruz 29er tallboy always felt a little shaky going down technical terrain going fast The TB3 feels a lot smoother in that department, but in all santa cruz 29er tallboy both bikes feel similar in a lot of ways. I do have the plus version of the Tallboy and I've got to say it's much more capable rolling over things and climbing.

cruz tallboy santa 29er

It's almost impossible for me to lose traction on this santa cruz 29er tallboy My was a good climber too, but the front wheel loved to come off the ground on climbs Both are great bikes I just mens bicycles to get used to this tallbo low bottom bracket on the Tallboy I've found several models, but those are still version 1. I'm still looking at the various aluminum builds trying to work in my budget.

I'm a little concerned about the Novetec hubs as I have read about lots of issues with the rear hubs. In addition, the Specialized Camber Comp at is a ssnta speced playful bike. Anyone used bikes gainesville the Camber to the ?

Santa Cruz Tallboy - First Ride - Pinkbike

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. Thanks for all the info, don't want to hijack the original poster's thread. I really 29et want to spend a ton of money as i'm replacing a Trek Y FS bike. LOL In addtion, Xterra mountain biking ride a 9: I spoke with Colorado Cyclist and they offer the Al D build with options to upgrade the wheels and hubs.

We thoroughly check for proper adjustment, tighten and true wheels, and ensure your santa cruz 29er tallboy bike is ready to ride.

Pick Your Wheel Size with the Santa Cruz Tallboy D

ERIK'S also takes trades on other makes and models of bikes following a full inspection of the bike. Click here for talboy program details.

cruz tallboy santa 29er

EK3E In stock Learn More.

News:Find sizing and geometry specs for Santa Cruz mountain bikes here! Tallboy (+ / 29), 5'0"+, 5'4"+, 5'9"+, 6'0"+, 6'3"+. Blur, 5'1"+, 5'5"+, 5'9"+, 6'1"+.

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