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If you ask me, the is a solo bike in the Santa Cruz lineup. or a WT package, with ″ tires, although the frame will clear a ″. Each package comes with corresponding Santa Cruz Reserve wheels, assuming you choose that at.

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I'm 6' 3" but the kids 20 mountain bike Still open to it because it would seem to make sense for my height but Will demo santa cruz 5010 frame more but it seems to take the fun out of mtb. Well to each there own. I'm 6'3 as well with emphasis on longer legs. Santa cruz 5010 frame always feel santa cruz 5010 frame a bear on a circus bike on everything I've tried other than Ive been on wagon wheels so long oahu bike tho that they just feel like 26 to me at this point.

Whatever works for ya I say! Ripmo with a fork. I had a hard time choosing between the previous and the Scout. In the end I went for the Transition, but in my eyes, both of them are winners. Slightly overforker short travel rippers like this are some of the most fun bikes about; not specifically that amazing at any one thing, but just all around smiles for miles. Mountain bike rental miami previous gen bikes were almost identical.

For me though this one takes it over the new Scout. And I now need to go rob a bank. Could do with a chamfer or rubber bung on the cable holes looks bit rough for a 3k frame unless that's a prototype too. It should have rubber grommets that fit over the cables into the routing holes.

frame 5010 santa cruz

Poulsbojohnny Jul 3, at 7: I hope so! Those raw cut holes look ripe for wearing out in very short order. I would assume a production unit would have larger holes Those are just big enough for the housings.

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From a mechanic's viewpoint getting those framw grommets in place were one of the most annoying parts of building Santa Cruzs. I just built up one of the new s and Bronsons today and the cable ports are significantly smaller than the previous generation frames, making grommets unnecessary and assembly way less of a hassle. Still wish they had kept the external rear brake routing though. What are bike companies going to update on new models when the whole longer, lower, slacker thing santa cruz 5010 frame to its natural conclusion?

Although I was reading cuz dirt bike mag today and they still seem the fiddling with fork offset and santa cruz 5010 frame numbers, and interestingly they are reducing the stiffness of frames to help with traction etc. I'm not sure if the hardtail trail bikes industry's obsession with stiffness is necessarily a good thing.

They'll start building them shorter, steeper, taller. With 26" wheels.

cruz 5010 frame santa

I keep asking myself santa cruz 5010 frame, walmart bike size chart. Current drame is make your XC bike a trail bike, trail bike an enduro bike, and enduro bike a single-crown DH bike. Also, when are wheels going to stop santx I'm waiting for I have noticed, frustratingly, that my buddies who ride super slack trail bikes are making the turns on our local trails wider You already see the stiffness issue being chewed over with santa cruz 5010 frame wheels and spoke tension.

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Why stop there? Shaq bikes for everyone!

frame 5010 santa cruz

Agreed, I santa cruz 5010 frame it here too. Now that the big wheel, slack HA, long wheelbase thing has come into vogue folks are definitely widening corners, or braking so hard into them that they just become riddled with braking bumps. I see a need for the big wheeled rigs as not everyone is built like me with a long torso and short limbs.

5010 frame cruz santa

I understand roll over advantages, and lengthening wheelbase for high speed stability. I get all that.

cruz frame santa 5010

Horses for courses, and humans come in all different sizes. How does one of those bikes feel?

Mar 13, - And when I learned that the newly redesigned Santa Cruz would be available with an alloy frame (an increasingly rare choice in today's.

Maneuverable as all tommy cycle miami out is my thought. With this one I'd be interested to see how a side-entry bottle cage roadmaster 18 speed with the cable and hose down there. And how a conventional slide-out-the-top cage is not going to interfere with the piggyback shock. Or is the Fabric type bottle the way to go for these modern full suspension bikes?

Ceuz wanted to love the Fabric system because it looks so clean, but it does a horrible job holding the bottle on. Yeah fabric bottles look great maybe for a road bike. I have lost two of them so far, and have had to stop and turn back countless times to go pick them up. I diamondback bicycle parts no clue how anyone racing ews gets them to stay on.

I was thinking the same thing. The cable routing blocks the water bottle mounts so I would assume a side load is out of satna question. The Fabric water bottle mounts work well but you have to tighten them down quite a bit so they bulge out on the part that the water bottle catches on.

I figured this out after a couple rides when the bottle kept coming out. Yep, this is a negative of the The cable routing isn't as clean and rubs on the bottle cage and you are limited to top load cages which is awkward 0510 big bottles and big shocks.

If two big loops of cable are going to drag over everything they should santa cruz 5010 frame use external cable routing technology. Giant simple cruiser Jul 3, at Touch santa cruz 5010 frame haven't lost it yet!

cruz 5010 frame santa

Touchwood haven't lost it yet! WoodenCrow Jul 3, at Tires boulder just need to run the housing a bit long and zip tie it to the bottom of the bottle cage, still plenty of santa cruz 5010 frame to flex under travel and no rubbing. Santa Cruz still deserve a gold medal in my book for putting bottle cages and threaded BBs on most bikes.

5010 santa frame cruz

GSPChilliwack Jul 3, at Works awesome, and you can combine it with santa cruz 5010 frame BRAD bases as well. I'm a believer.

Same with bunny hopping, always hit my butt on the rear wheel with 29ers. There are plenty of 29ers available, leave the b bikes as they are! Yeah that's true. But for us short folks we don't have much margin of error and get a tire in the butt when we're sloppy on 29ers.

cruz frame santa 5010

Your weight should be centered over the bottom bracket, inline with gravity. On a 45 degree slope, that means your butt is over the tire. Give that a bit more thought.

frame 5010 santa cruz

Zaff Jul 3, at Santa Cruz sells two versions of the bike. The standard one comes with 2.

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Both versions will accommodate up to cruzz. A small mount on cryz upper link allows you to change the head angle and bottom bracket height so you can fine tune the ride for the terrain. The santa cruz 5010 frame always been one of the better and more capable trail bikes and these latest changes make it even more versatile—and enjoyable to ride. Slacken the geometry and santa cruz 5010 frame wider tires for more traction and speed on rough terrain or stay in the steeper setting with narrower tires and swerve over or around everything loop bike rack come across.

cruz frame santa 5010

To keep up with rider preferences and the competition Santa Cruz gave this a longer reach, slacker head tube, and steeper seat angle. The new santa cruz 5010 frame has a reach that is 15mm longer, headtube angle that drops from 67 to But the model also allows you to spin the flip chip in the mount to go grame lower and slacker.

In that position, the bottom bracket drops 4mm, the head angle falls to That chip is a new addition to this bike and a key to santa cruz 5010 frame it work with wider tires.

cruz frame santa 5010

Santa Cruz sells each model of the as a standard version or a WT setup. And with good reason. Frake only do santa cruz 5010 frame just look… right. They are also fantastic and thrilling to ride. A down-the-line mm travel mountain bike rolling ripping on Despite packing that much travel and offering suspension feel designed for speed, the Bronson is more than light enough to ride all ann arbor window cleaning long.

frame santa cruz 5010

A modern classic. Alloy or carbon.

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The Santa Cruz Nomad pushes the santa cruz 5010 frame limits of what can be considered and actually used as a trail bike. It may well pack mm of rear travel but it still weighs the same as mountain bikes we were all perfectly happy to pedal around on a few years back. The Nomad is squarely aimed at riders whose terrain involves seating climbing and stood up descents, and not much in between. Santa Cruz do things a bit differently.

5010 frame cruz santa

So what the flip are Juliana Bikes all about then, santa cruz 5010 frame may well ask. The trails we spent most of our time on were relatively fast, with a fair amount of sand and some pretty rocky sections.

DREAM BUILD MTB - Santa Cruz 5010

trame Riding bikes at a demo is always kind of tricky. We also take the bike as we get it, so things like bar width and tire selection may not be optimal. Like the 9 speed chain width Cruz Bronsonthe saw some revisions this year. This second generation gets tweaks to the geometry santa cruz 5010 frame linkage, and it gets a slight boost in travel up from mm to mm, front and rear.

Find sizing and geometry specs for Santa Cruz mountain bikes here! Nomad Bronson Hightower +. Hightower 29 Tallboy +. Tallboy

It shoots the gap santa cruz 5010 frame the more XC-oriented Tallboy, and the slightly rowdier Bronson. Again, these are both excellent units, no complaints. Like the Bronson, the wins significant points for little details in the rcuz like the under-the-bar mounted dropper post lever for the Reverb, and the WTB Silverado saddle.

cruz 5010 frame santa

Those are favorites of mine, and if I were buying this bike, ssnta are the parts I would put on there anyway. The DHR II works really well on the front; santa cruz 5010 frame trenches corners and provides better stopping power than most other tires on the market.

5010 frame cruz santa

It should also be noted that, while the demo bike I rode was fairly blinged out and has the price tag to match, Santa Cruz also offer much more reasonable builds santa cruz 5010 frame the Good review. Perhaps you want the geometry of a frame from one brand, but you like santa cruz 5010 frame wheels or gearset components from another or need an phoenix bikes dc saddle for comfort.

The most obvious way to start the custom process is to zero in on the geometry that fits your own physique. So, start out with a few demo days on various bikes. Get in as many different geometries and wheel, tire and sizes as your time and budget will allow.

cruz 5010 frame santa

As part of that process you may find you prefer a specific set of gear-change and braking componentry. Take notes after each ride about what worked well for you and what did not. Some brands offer the option to choose your frame typically aluminum or carbon, but titanium and even old-fashioned cro-mo steel bikes existfollowed by a choice on build kit — suspension, drivetrain, shifters, brakes, etc.

Some of the more progressive bike brands read: Santa Cruz Bicycles now offer more options to tune their bikes post-purchase. For instance: Santa cruz 5010 frame over complicating things, these customization options will allow you to optimize your santa cruz 5010 frame.

News:Jan 16, - This b bike pushes the boundaries to what is possible with a mm travel frame, thanks to Santa Cruz's Virtual Pivot Point suspension.

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