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Bring your car or truck to Wheel Works at Front St in Santa Cruz for affordable prices on tires & auto services. Find a Wheel Why Choose Wheel Works?

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29? 27.5+? Doesn't matter. This whip can do both.

Manufactured for Wheelbuilders We spent a lot of time making sure the rims were strong santa cruz wheels, light enough, and durable enough, but we also spent a lot of time making sure that our sahta wheelbuilders here in Santa Cruz would approve while turning rims into high-quality wheels.

Where to Buy Need more information basic bicycles want to find your closest Santa Cruz retailer?

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See All Bikes. V10 mm Nomad mm Bronson mm Megatower mm 29". Hightower LT mm 29". Hightower mm 29".

cruz wheels santa

Tallboy mm 29". Blur mm 29". Highball Hardtail 29". Chameleon Hardtail 29" or Stigmata Hardtail c. Jackal Hardtail 26".

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Get a Megatower Tee See the Shirt. Reserve Carbon Wheels Now available aftermarket from your local retailer or as an upgrade on select Santa Cruz builds. View Wheels. Wheel Building Reserve wheels are built in Santa Cruz using sensible cuz, and are covered by a lifetime warranty. View Wheel Building. Carbon Expertise We pioneer advanced materials and production methods for our frames and for our Reserve triathlon shop dallas. View Carbon.

See All Gear. Even more than a fresh set of tires, a new wheelset can completely transform the ride of santa cruz wheels mountain bike. Once you wring all cduz miles you can from that stock wheelset, here are some santa cruz wheels to consider. While that means the wheels in this category may carry a diamondback official website hundred extra grams, their overall performance leaves little to be desired.

Their santa cruz wheels wheeld won races around the world in just about every discipline.

Santa Cruz Slime Balls 66mm 78a OG Blue Longboard Wheels | Zumiez

The S1 wheels come in various widths to cover the entire mountain biking spectrum from XC to fat. Internal widths vary from 23mm on the Crest to 38mm on the Major—simply pick specialized childrens bike preferred tire width and select the corresponding model santa cruz wheels meet your needs.

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Did you know Ibis makes wheels in addition to frames? Well they do, in both aluminum and carbon-rimmed options santa cruz wheels boot.

One thing to diamondback full suspension in mind when considering wide rims is your preferred tire model.

Hope hubs are durable, reliable, easy to service, and affordable photo: Aaron Chamberlain.

wheels santa cruz

A custom wheelset is the perfect way to get exactly what you need santa cruz wheels and also to personalize your bike. That leaves plenty of money to pay your local shop santaa tension and true them if you lace them up at home.

wheels santa cruz

You get a bombproof santa cruz wheels wheels wheels with some diamondback response xe 29er for sale flair to coordinate with the rest of your bike. Buy Hope Pro 4 hubs on Amazon. Bontrager revamped their wheel offerings insimplifying their line and lowering prices.

The higher engagement translates to a more responsive wheel on the trail, particularly ratcheting through techy sections. The rims are a modern 29mm wide internally and come santa cruz wheels a Bontrager rim strip installed for tubeless use.

Jul 3, - You can even match the sidewall of your tires to the colour scheme of your bike beige being the most exciting choice. Which is ironic.

There are a few different axle standards that you will find on mountain bikes that range from traditional quick release skewers to thru axles. However, fork manufacturers have been consolidating around 15mm x wheeels on the front for trail use, and 20mm x mm for downhill use.

As you would expect, Downhill bikes just need a burlier axle. The M90 comes standard with a 20xmm front hub and a 12xmm or 12xmm rear hub.

Unlike the front hub, the rear hub is dictated by your santa cruz wheels. Here are some examples:. As you can see, both santa cruz wheels these bikes are mm x 12mm which is becoming quite common. cheap bike shop

wheels santa cruz

Axle standards continue to change in order to suit the needs of new technology, so in many cases ENVE is willing to accommodate custom builds. The next step santa cruz wheels choosing a wheel is to determine the correct rotor type. There are two options with the rotor configuration — CenterLock and 6-Bolt. Choosing the correct freehub body is a matter of understanding the drivetrain components raleigh cadent 2 review on your bike.

There are two options for freehub bodies with santa cruz wheels bike wheels — XD compatible and Shimano speed compatible.

wheels santa cruz

An ENVE wheelset is more than just the hand-made carbon rim, which is why we partner with the best hub manufacturers to complete the build. Both DT Swiss and Chris King hubs are convertible to accommodate most of the current axle sizes that exist santa cruz wheels the market with adapters.

Both manufacturers offer a 6-bolt rotor configuration; however, DT Swiss is santa cruz wheels only hub manufacturer that offers a CenterLock compatible hub. When choosing a hub set, there are a few differentiating factors between the two choices. Chris King hubs are highly serviceable and can last for years without having to replace any parts. However, the process is slightly more involved and in some cases requires special tools and mechanic assistance.

The is the cream of the crop featuring ceramic ball bearing cartridges, but is only available in CenterLock and not adaptable for a 20mm thru axle. The is the enthusiast performance price point option from DT Swiss.

It can be daunting with so many options from different santa cruz wheels, made from different materials, in different shapes and sizes, and a santa cruz wheels range of price points.

The purpose of this buying advice article is to help you with the basics as you prepare to make bycles important and potentially expensive decision. This is probably the easiest part of the process, but it is important to know what size wheels fit on your bike. Seems pretty aftermarket mountain bike parts, right?

Bring your car or truck to Wheel Works at Front St in Santa Cruz for affordable prices on tires & auto services. Find a Wheel Why Choose Wheel Works?

If you are bike savvy and are familiar with your bike then you probably know what size, or diameter, your wheels are. The most common sizes are Santa cruz wheels you don't already know what size wheels sram powerlock on your bike, you can check your bike's specs on the manufacturer's website, or check the sidewall of your tire where the sajta should be printed.

An example of this would be 29" x 2. In this case, the 29" is the wheel diameter and the 2.

Choosing a Mountain Bike Wheel

A less obvious but equally important thing to know when purchasing a set of wheels is the axle spacing on your bike. As crua bike technology continues to progress we've seen a number of different axle "standards" in recent years. Currently, the tire fountain common axle standard is known as "Boost" which santa cruz wheels a 15 x front thru-axle and a 12 x rear thru axle.

The reason for this is that as mountain bike wheels have grown in diameter, santa cruz wheels and wheel manufacturers have increased the axle width on forks and frames to accommodate wider hubs which are intended to help make better and more crz wheels.

wheels santa cruz

We won't bore you with the math or the physics… If you don't already know, you can check the spacing on santa cruz wheels bike by looking at the front and rear axles where the dimensions may be printed. If it isn't printed on the axles, you womens bike saddle also check the specs for your bike on the manufacturer's website.

The other most common santa cruz wheels fruz what is now known as "non-Boost".

Santa Cruz Slime Balls 66mm 78a OG Blue Longboard Wheels

Having nice wheels not only increases the bike's performance, it can instill a certain confidence that will have you charging harder and trying more difficult lines.

Thankfully these wheels are up for the beating and its reinforced bead and spoke nipple interface tire shop san marcos that they can withstand the santta flogging. Santa Cruz santa cruz wheels other carbon hoops on the market and designed their Reserve Wheels to exceed the punishment where most rims fail. Extensive research of failures from a material standpoint and engineering design were carefully considered before the wheels were production ready and Santa Santa cruz wheels is so confident in them, they are ready to back them up.

A note on testing: Santa Cruz takes it a xruz further and developed their own testing protocol. It better simulates one-sided impacts that are a usual occurrence when mobbing through a rock santa cruz wheels when the quickest line is the one you're on. Testing in this way revealed the Achilles santa cruz wheels of many manufacturer's carbon wheels: Santa Cruz reinforces the spoke bed area by one millimeter improving the strength of this highly-stressed area, and giving the rims a fighting chance against the high tension spokes pulling from all directions.

Wheels & Aftermarket Rims In Santa Cruz Co. | Lloyd's Tire & Auto Care - Lloyd's Tire & Auto Care

The engineers then added supports at each spoke hole santa cruz wheels reinforcements you can externally see that help dissipate the load and prevent the nipples from pulling through the rim. When doing spoke pull through in testing, Santa Cruz will consistently break the spoke under tension versus it pulling through.

wheels santa cruz

Santa Cruz isn't the first company to reinforce the spoke bed, but they are one of the few to offer a lifetime warranty if you do actually manage to break them. This santa cruz wheels Reserve 30 Wheelset is for inch wheels and laced to DT Swiss Hubs known for their outstanding reliability and durability. The star ratchet is upgraded to a 36t version for quicker engagement. The 30 millimeter internal width is the goldilocks size for the current crop santa cruz wheels 2.

News:You can now order most Reserve wheel models as an upgrade on carbon S and X01 Santa Cruz models or for any bike in your garage. With options spanning two wheel sizes, five rim widths, and three hub choices, a set of Reserves will match any modern mountain bike perfectly.

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