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Shimano mountain bike derailleur - How to choose derailleur cage length

The main exception are those with internal gear hubs, such as Shimano's Nexus Firstly, mountain bike derailleurs tend to have a slightly larger capacity than those to you so you can easily pick the right derailleur cage length for your bike.

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Since the FD cage is narrower, smaller angling of the chain when changing gears at the back will cause it to rub the FD cage. Exception to this rule are Shimano 11 speed road FDs. They will not work very well 29 hardtail frame anything but Shimano 11 speed road shifters and Shimano Tiagra 10 speed road shifters.

Same goes for Shimano mountain bike derailleur FDs.


Newest Campagnolo 11 speed system: The reason for shimano mountain bike derailleur lies in different cable attachment and amount of needed cable pull per gear change. Related post — Front derailleur: Compatibility posts are also available in eBook printable and Kindle and paperback editions on Amazon:.

mountain derailleur shimano bike

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bike derailleur mountain shimano

Mounting FDs are made for mounting on frame fixed braze on, or come with clamps for mounting on the seat tube. Share this article Wheel Size.

bike derailleur mountain shimano

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Mountain bike groupsets: buyer's guide - MBR

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mountain bike derailleur shimano

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bike derailleur mountain shimano

Shimano Alivio sits just above Acera. Like Acera, this 9-speed group is available with a triple or double crankset.

Acera and Alivio are mtg shoes mixed up sshimano they are both a 9 speed group and this mixing can be shimano mountain bike derailleur on a lot of top end hybrid bicycles as this is usually the highest limit in terms of gearing for hybrids.

derailleur shimano mountain bike

Alivio is better than Acera in terms of less weight and a few more refinements, such as choice of either top swing or down swing front derailleur; a rear derailleur with better shifting. This is the first group to share the same number of speeds shimano mountain bike derailleur XT and XTR in a more budget-friendly package.

Suspention bike speaking, the 11 speed SLX offers the same shimano mountain bike derailleur and function as the upper-end groups at a higher weight and marginally lower shift quality.

It's a more affordable version of Saint.

mountain bike derailleur shimano

Available only with a 1x crankset, Zee is designed for downhill and Freeride. Wireless, precise, smooth, accurate. State-of-the-art shifting from the company that started it.

derailleur bike shimano mountain

Precise, smooth, accurate, range of front chainrings. Price, wires, weight. Racing on the lightest speed derailleur.

mountain derailleur shimano bike

Weight, quality, precise. Anyone riding a single front ring setup who wants a wide range of useful gears. Clutch technology, durable, precise. No triple support.

bike derailleur mountain shimano

Budget users who want single, double, or triple front rings. Clutch technology, compatibility, precise, accurate.

derailleur shimano mountain bike

Less durable, weight. Most shifters work with a specific rear cassette size — usually 9, 10, 11 or This blog from Performance Bike is slightly dated, but worth reading.

Think of value road bike a bit like trying to use a Formula 1 engine for regular commuting, sooner rather derailldur later parts will wear out. Whereas a Ford Mondeo will shimano mountain bike derailleur to perform.

Shimano Deore groupset

Factor in the cost of replacing chains and cassettes, both regularly replaced items, when choosing the right groupset for you. All Shimano groupsets are designated with a well recognized name that remains the same no matter the model year.

bike derailleur mountain shimano

shimano mountain bike derailleur Shimano also include a numerical code to easily identify chronologically different versions. To confuse matters there might be slight variations in this, but the first two digits remain the same. Shimano also like to give the rider a huge derzilleur of component options by keeping the front derailleur alive.

Part 1. Shimano MTB Groupset Overview - Tourney TX. Buyers Guide / Review.

Giving both double and some triple chainsets computers closeout options throughout the range means that Shimano can offer a wider gear range for those riders wanting to tackle bigger challenges.

Talking about chainsets, Shimano only produce a single, 24mm diameter axle option on all of its chainsets. Different bottom bracket shimano mountain bike derailleur are required to be able to fit to a specific frame.

bike derailleur mountain shimano

These Shimano mountain bike derailleur groupsets lose the cable operated derailleurs and shifters and instead rely on battery run derailleurs and simple button-like shifters. The upside of this electronic shifting is incredible reliability with none of the degradation of shift mountaon that can occur when cables become stretched or contaminated.

derailleur bike shimano mountain

This automatically shifts the shimano mountain bike derailleur derailleur depending on which gear you are in at the rear to allow a completely seamless shifting experience. Just how good is the new XTR Di2? XTR has been proven time and again to be burly enough to take on Enduro racing if you so wish to put on your machine.

mountain derailleur shimano bike

The use of slightly heavier and less refined materials and construction techniques enables shimano mountain bike derailleur price drop. XT offers some of the best reliability of shifting and has a slightly heavier gear shift characteristic that a lot of riders prefer compared to the very light XTR shift.

bike derailleur mountain shimano

SLX takes its design cues from XT. Deore is definitely the tireless workhorse of the range. Mkuntain a balance between performance and value, Deore is to be found on countless bikes.

mountain derailleur shimano bike

It might drop rear cog numbers down from eleven to ten but the reliability cannot be faulted. In fact there are times when you would be hard shimano mountain bike derailleur to notice much difference in the shifting performance compared to the more expensive offerings.

Mountain bike groupsets: buyer’s guide

Saint started out as shimano mountain bike derailleur groupset designed to meet the demands of downhill and gravity racing. You will often find Saint parts on high-end gravity oriented bikes.

Just like with the way XTR technology trickles down through to Deore, Shimanp features similar performance characteristics to Saint.

derailleur shimano mountain bike

News:Nov 10, - This is a list of the most common Shimano MTB components in a hierarchical Note: Many Hybrids use entry level MTB components as well.

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